5 Steps to Having Your Best Year Yet!

Discover how to stop feeling overwhelmed and tapped-out. It's time to take life where you want it to go and have just what you have always wanted. Achieve your individual goals in a group setting.

Untapped 2019!

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Each year you start with resolutions on a path with good intentions to have your best year yet. But somehow life gets in the way; you lose your focus and forget to ask for the support that could make the difference. As time goes by, your drive wavers and your motivation fades.


Overwhelmed by all the things to do and the disappointment of not making progress; you go right back to confused, stressed out, stuck and unable to make the changes that are necessary to achieve what you thought mattered.


If you are committed to having the life you have dreamed of, you need a new approach. In our breakthrough goal-setting program you will discover a proven method to achieve your goals and have the life you want.

Get Clear, Get Motivated, and Take Action to reach your Pure Potential.


Journey on a Path to live an Untapped life!

This is a journey for people who are interested in designing and living the future of their dreams. This program helps you achieve clarity, focus, ease and grace while learning and growing personally. And it’s about taking your life where you want to go with the support of a professional coach.

A Total-Life Approach to Goal Setting

Request our free Wheel of Life tool to begin the journey of living an Untapped life

The Wheel of Life is a tool that allows you to assess 10 areas that all together represent a simple snapshot of your whole life.  This exercise measures your current level of satisfaction in each area.

As you work through this assessment you will be able to acknowledge yourself for the success you have created and take a look at areas where you want to improve your level of satisfaction.  The goal is to give you a simple tool that assesses your life today and to begin the journey of living an Untapped Life!

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