Leading Change Through Coaching


Businesses from coast to coast are struggling to overcome poor management habits of the past and give their leaders the necessary skills to address everyday management issues. At the current pace of business and in a world of constant change, we hear leaders say their time is best spent giving direction and solving problems for others. This leaves organizations struggling with ways to develop their people, increase engagement and create a strong values based culture.


This program is designed to go beyond the telling and directing to developing people, improving performance, creating accountability and achieving breakthrough results. Our program equips the participants with the essential coaching skills that will solve performance issues while developing and empowering their people to improve skills, talents and abilities. We work with managers, directors and leaders in all levels of the organization. Each participant will learn to coach their own people, develop their own leadership skills, while the organization grows stronger.


The advantages of the program:

  • Simple step-by-step process: on what coaching is, when and how to use coaching to create impact, get immediate performance improvements and make a difference.
  • Create a coaching mindset to develop others.
  • Use a four part Coaching methodology: Stage, Engage, Plan, Support.
  • Ease to integrate a framework and tools for coaching sessions.
  • Develop essential coaching skills to improve performance and uncover hidden talent.
  • Identify when to use coaching to promote engagement, innovation, and breakthrough results.
  • Create opportunities for coaching when your team members need it most.

The Essential Performance Coaching Program usually includes pre-work, skills assessment, one-day workshop, individual coaching sessions, peer coaching, and a three-month follow up Series that encourages implementation of weekly coaching sessions while being supported to make coaching a normal part of the leadership practice.

The content of our program is customizable based upon the needs of the participants, and the method of delivery can also range from a one-day live workshop to a multiple day retreat. This coaching program assists leaders in improving leadership skills and improving the performance of their employees while aligning with the objectives of the organization.

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